41 PCS 1000V Insulated Metric Tool Kit

US TOOL UST-1541, 41 PCS 1000V Insulated Metric Tool Kit

Product Description

US TOOL UST-1541, 41 PCS 1000V Insulated Metric Tool Kit


UST-1541 tool kits equipped with a range of 41pcs 1000V insulated single open end wrenches, single box,
end wrenches, adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers, knife pliers and cutters, T handle, 1/2” sockets and type in a durable, aluminum frame tool case. Ideal for power plant, HAVC. automotive, military, aircraft field applications and more.


  • UST-1140 Insulated Combination plier (195mm)
  • UST-1110 Insulated side Cutter (165mm)
  • UST-1102 Insulated wire stripping plier (160mm)
  • UST-V250C Insulated cable cutter 250mm (80mm²)
  • UST-V410 Insulated single open end wrench 10mm
  • UST-V413 Insulated single open end wrench 13mm
  • UST-V414 Insulated single open end wrench 14mm
  • UST-V417 Insulated single open end wrench 17mm
  • UST-V419 Insulated single open end wrench 19mm
  • UST-V422 Insulated single open end wrench 22mm
  • UST-V510 Insulated single box end wrench 10mm
  • UST-V513 Insulated single box end wrench 13mm
  • UST-V514 Insulated single box end wrench 14mm
  • UST-V517 Insulated single box end wrench 17mm
  • UST-V519 Insulated single box end wrench 19mm
  • UST-V522 Insulated single box end wrench 22mm
  • UST-1200-S2.5 Insulated screwdriver(-2.5×75) (Slotted)
  • UST-1200-S4.0 Insulated screwdriver(-4.0×100) (Slotted)
  • UST-1200-S5.5 Insulated screwdriver(-5.5×125) (Slotted)
  • UST-1200-S6.5 Insulated screwdriver(-6.5×150) (Slotted)
  • UST-1200-P1 Insulated screwdriver(-1×80) (Phillips)
  • UST-1200-P2 Insulated screwdriver(-2×100) (Phillips)
  • UST-V362 Insulated 1/2” drive T handle 200mm
  • UST-V260 Insulated 1/2” drive reverse flat ratchet handle 250mm
  • UST-V621 Insulated 1/2” drive extention bar 125mm
  • UST-V622 Insulated 1/2” drive extention bar 250mm
  • UST-V810 Insulated 1/2” drive socket 10mm
  • UST-V811 Insulated 1/2” drive socket 11mm
  • UST-V813 Insulated 1/2” drive socket 13mm
  • UST-V814 Insulated 1/2” drive socket 14mm
  • UST-V816 Insulated 1/2” drive socket 16mm
  • UST-V817 Insulated 1/2” drive socket 17mm
  • UST-V818 Insulated 1/2” drive socket 18mm
  • UST-V819 Insulated 1/2” drive socket 19mm
  • UST-V822 Insulated 1/2” drive socket 22mm
  • UST-V824 Insulated 1/2” drive socket 24mm
  • UST-V122A Insulated straight blade cable knife 50x180mm
  • UST-V160 Insulated electricians scissors 160mm
  • UST-V210 Insulated 10” adjustable wrench
  • UST-274 Expert & Elegant aluminum frame tool case
  • Individual packing :  Plain bob + color label

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