UST-6530 Fiber Optical Visual Fault Locator

UST-6530 Fiber Optical Visual Fault Locator

Fiber optic visual fault locator is designed for field personnel who need an efficient and economical tool for continuity checking in an optical network during and after installation. It is easy to locate the break point and bad connections in fiber optic cables.

Product Description

UST-6530 Fiber Optical Visual Fault Locator

The Visual Fault Locator (VFL) is an essential tool for testing cable continuity and locating visual faults.

• Small size, easy to carry.
• Easily identify the fiber break-point.
• Achieve end-to-end optical fiber identification.
• Complete mechanical splice point optimization.


Model Number  UST-6530
Wavelength  650 nm ±20 nm
Output Power*  >30 mW
Dynamic Distance **  >15~18 km
Operation Mode  Pulsed(2 Hz) and CW
Weight  70 g
Connector  2.5mm UPP (or1.25 mm UPP optional)
Size  160mm(L) x 30mm(D)
Operating Temperature  -10~+50 ℃, < 90%RH
Storage Temperature  -20~+60 ℃, < 90%RH
Accessory  Soft protection case

* Tested by FOD1205H 650nm optical power meter
** The distance is tested by G.655, single mode, lab level fiber
Human eyes Min. sensitivity -120dBm, and 10dB/km loss of 650nm in fiber

Additional Information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 200 x 60 x 60 mm
Brand Name: