UST-DR300-9.0, Fiber Glass Duct Rodder


US TOOL UST-DR300-9.0, Fiber Glass Duct Rodder


  • Duct Rodder is fiber glass rod covered with high density engineered plastic. Having high tensile strength.
  • Duct Rodder can cater to large types of cable installations.
  • Light weight, durable, resistance to acid, alkali, aging resistance & corrosion resistance.
  • Good temperature adaptability. It’s usability will not be affected by temperature.
  • Outer layer are made of high density polyethylene engineering plastic.

High tensile strength & flexibility
Anti-uv capability
Customized lengths also available


Model UST-DR300-9.0
Diameter x Length 9.0mm * 300m
Length x Width x Height 100 * 34 * 111cm
Weight 52kg(V.W. 75Kg.)
Minimum Bending Radius 340mm
Fracture Tensile 35KN
Temperature Range -40°C~+80°C
Line Density 285g/m
Length Range Can be customized according to customer requirements
External Protection ABS 749
Rod Core Material Epoxy fiberglass
Fiberglass duct rodder frame 2.0mm Thick steel pipe silver gray (according to the customer requirement)
Drawing Head Mild Steel
Brake Function Yes
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